The RubyGo project started at November 2001

Changes for v5.0
Text typed into the entry fields of the gui are now remembered. These remembered values 
are loaded after the original RubyGo Defaults so that the fields you change 
will be displayed again next time.

You can use the entry in the players list to set parameters of the 
reload button, with for example 'user 8k' or 'user fr'

gosetup has additions to the menu.
      'add node'  added at a variation of the node
  'replace node'  replace current (note: only available for 'setup nodes')

Added 'two -points' objects like lines, arrows and dimmed areas. These 
objects can still be dragged, but they now have two squares that can be 
dragged to change their dimensions.

You can now resize the text window of a game by dragging its title bar at the top of the text widget. 

The various windows like players list, games list, players info, comments and buttons are all remembered 
as to whether they are to be open or closed on the next program invocation. The status is loaded and saved 
in lib/ENTRY.rb so you'll have to remove that file if you'd like to have RubyGo go back to the window settings 
for defaults.

Changes for v6.0

Add two menus to the 'players' window.

'Show' menu: allows you to select which kind of players is displayed on the list:
	- 'New': players newly connected to the server (option 'quiet' must be set to false)
	- 'closed': players not accepting matches
	- 'playing': players already playing a game

'user' menu: here you toggle your own options:
	- 'Open for match'
	- 'Looking for match'
	after changing one option , you must refresh the list to see the change.

Changes for v7.0

 Add a slider to the Navigate panel.
 add a auto_load command to the console to re-open adjourned games.
 add a scoring tool.
 add auto_tell when asking a match
 add auto_switch form 'say' to 'tell' if needed.
 add opening sgf files directly form the internet (open URL)
 add Internationalisation (currently French only)
 add a message to the chat window if the user disconnects.
 add a measuring tool for network performances to see netlags or disconnections
 add a 'goteacher' window to use the 'Teach' mode on IGS 
 ... as usual many other things like bug corrections that I don't remember :-)

Changes for v8.0
    Improve speed and memory usage of the TK GUI.
    Stats of users with head and notes stored
    Transparent comments on the board
    detachable comments
    notify on games stored when player is connected
    add buttons to open games an players lists
    stones in gif 
    keep windows geometry informations
    move group of stones with shift-click on go editor
    improve browsing urls
    make the default directory for RUBYGO_USER_FILES
    make the mark for the last move customizable
    play sounds
    netlag correction

Changes for v9.0
	Control presence of players for games stored
	Receive shutdown messages
	Changes in the players list
	Online documentation
	Choose of the language in the menu
	Get a message window when you will fall in timeout
	Add a Collection menu in the editor
	Get the IGS time at the console
	Get the rank of the player when receiving a match request
	Add some URLS to web pages for loading sgf files
	.... and correction of miscellaneous bugs as usual ;-)

Changes for 9.1
	Correct a bug for remove dead stones when playing on IGS.
	Improve SGF read of Kogo's and Gifus's files.
	Modify the 'begin' button of goreplay (|=< symbol) to make it go back to the main variation when you are on a variation.

Changes for 9.2
	Correct bugs
	Change the layout of the game window so that the goban get more space
	A window appear if you have message on IGS
	Add a 'beginner' mode to the gnugo interface

Changes for 9.3 
	Correct a bug when observing a game
	Correct a bug that make some geometry not saved
	clock will not blink in teach mode
	take the title of a match given by igs
	faster load of a game observed
	put a game as wallpaper (unix only)
	show a symbol with the name of the player for the state

Changes for 10.0
	Add the wallpaper option in unix systems.
	Implement the IGSCP protocol.
	Updated for Ruby 1.8
	The game window take the title of the game given by IGS
	Suppress the clock in teach mode (replaced by IGSCP commands)
	Improve load of a game to observe
	Improve speed of players/games list
	Correct a bug for saving the windows geometry.
	Correct a bug that makes RubyGo crash when observing a game.
	Add "save_var" option to the file menu
	Modify the behavior of navigate buttons "beginning" and "end"

Changes for 10.1
	Change IP adress of IGS
	bugs correction
	add title game and customizable filter to wallpaper
	add marks and texts on a node with GoEditor
	Translation from korean names to english names (pro players)

Changes for 10.2
	Translation in Italian.
	Try to open a browser for pro players info when available
	memorise last file/path for sgf files
	export diagram in ascii format
	use artsd for sound output when available (KDE)
	games list updated live
	add "stats" on player name button
	improve numbering moves
	add level option on gnugo interface and a commands menu
	Add options "komi" and "free" to the match window

Changes for 11
	Add a problems module.
	Make keyboard work better for navigate into a game.
	Control+right arrow go to the next node containing a comment
	Control+click on a stone go to the node where the move was made.
	Propose to save a modified game.
	Open the "open game" window automatically.
	wheel mouse work on the lists
	Control buttons to add/remove stones on gosetup
	Open a chat window when the game you played is over.
	Bugs fixes ...
Changes for 12:
	add a list and a board for reviews
	display komi in goscore
	add list of stored games in the console
	change "control" use in gosetup-goscore
Changes for 12.1:
	bugs correction
	add a list of servers in the connection window

Changes for 12.2:

Changes for 12.3: