User Manual

The Game Window

Observing a game

When you have the list of the games, if you choose a number and type 'observe xx' (or use popup menu on the games window), a new window will open that allow you to observe that game. This window is similar to the one used for replay a SGF file, except that it is given in real time by the server.
See The SGF editor

note that when the comment window is closed, kibitzes will appear directly with 'transparent' text onto the board.

When observing a teach game, clocks are not show. Instead you get buttons to implement the new IGSC Protocol. It allows the teacher to give you the control of one or both colors. you will see :

The File menu

Playing a game

This window is similar except for the buttons on the right that correspond to the original IGS commands (see help command). This window will automatically open when a match is started, with the IGS commands 'match' or 'automatch'. You cannot close this window while you are playing a game, you have to ask to your opponent for an adjournment first.

When talking to your opponent, GoPlayer use the 'say' command by default. However, some clients doesn't receive such messages and use 'tell' instead. If RubyGo detect that your opponent use 'tell', it toggles you to the same to ensure your opponent receive your messages. Note that you will receive messages from other users in the same window too when you are playing.

The Teach mode

This window is similar to goplayer, except that you play both sides. It is opened whith the 'teach' command. (see 'help teach'). The new IGSCP protocol add tools to that window. Be careful before using these tools, since only clients that implement this protocol woll see your items.

Two fields to give the control of one or both colors to observers. The client of the observers must implement the IGSCP too :-)

You can add/remove marks on the board with the function keys:

You can setup the entire board in one time by using the menu 'mark'. This window allows you to put lines/arrows and areas too. But as far as I know, only RubyGo can display these items, so other clients will not display them.

Putting RubyGo as a wallpaper

Provided you are under a unix system, you can use a Ruby Library that allows rubygo to be put as the background of your desktop. You can download this library here:
You just have to untar it in the RubyGo/lib directory. I don't include it myself because this library is not much maintained, and with the new ruby1.8, it generates some warnings. But it works fine for what we need there :-).

You need an internet connection and an account in the server to observe games.

Now you have a new option to the program :

 go.rb -w 
In this mode, RubyGo connect to the server, put himself in the background and wait for a game with a dan player to start. (the filter is configurable). The game is shown in the wallpaper (it makes a "live" desktop!). When the game is over, RubyGo wait again for a new game with a dan player to begin. (which souldn't take much time on IGS). You still have the right-mouse button active as explained in The IGS client

For further information, send me a mail