If you get a line like this:
go.rb:64:in `require': No such file to load -- tk (LoadError)

with debian, don't mix rpm and deb packages, or the paths to the tk library could be wrong.

When trying to install ruby with tk , don't mix the solutions. You must use the package system to install both ruby and ruby-tk, or don't use it at all and compile ruby with the tk library (see main page).


RubyGo works well under Solaris 8, except for the sound (I will work on that :-)) Ruby for HP/UX doesn't include tk, so I can't test it under this system. I don't know a binary distribution of ruby/tk for SGI/IRIX.Compiling from sources require many elements.

If you know a system including ruby/tk, please mail me


Ruby and RubyGo must not be installed in the same directory. On my WinNT system, when I installed I get a message 'tk83.dll not found' The file was not in the good directory. I simply copy it from c:\ruby\tcl\bin to c:\ruby\bin. You could have to add ruby in your PATH variable by hand too.

In case of other kind of troubles, please mail me .

Mac OS X

Rubygo seems not work under this system, even if Darwin,Xfree and ruby are properly installed. I don't have one myself, so it is very difficult for me to find the problem.

If you are a ruby hacker under macOSX, please send me a mail.

problem displaying fonts

On one of my three machines, a desktop running linux 2.4.12-ac6, the printing on some of the labels is illegible -- like white on white.
That's not a normal thing . background of all the widgets should be blue.
to change the color of the labels, edit the file $HOME/.rubygo/TkDefaults.rb. put this lines:

module TkDefaults
GUI['GoClient.label.server']={'foreground' => 'black'}
GUI['GoClient.label.user']={'foreground' => 'black'}
GUI['GoClient.label.password']={'foreground' = > 'black'}

see the page 'customizing rubygo" for more info

RubyGo and Kogo's dictionary

RubyGo read only well-formated SGF files. Kogo's dictionary have problems, probably due to the editor used. There is problems too with sgf files that come from http://baduk.lg.co.kr. I plan to improve parsing this kind of file in the next version. Please tell me if you find this kind of problem. Note that you will be able save again the file well-formatted ! :-)

Ruby use 100% of your CPU !!!

It is a problem between ruby and tk. This bug has been corrected in the versin 1.8 of Ruby. please upgrade.

For further information, send me a mail